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Filtration and Complete Free Water Removal from Finished Products


Filter/Separator two-stage Unit Model 302-C Filter/Separator two-stage Unit, 150# ASME code stamped, for removing solids and water from 500 GPM of kerosene at pipeline terminal. Unit employs fiber glass filter elements and fiber glass water coalescing elements. Quick-opening elliptical flanges for making element changes. Entry into unit not required. Unit also equipped with automatic air eliminator.
Model 303 Filter/Separator, three-stage unit 150# ASME code stamped for removing solids and water from 600 GPM of diesel at loading rack. Third-stage hydrophobic separator elements assure complete water removal, and are required for diesel and heavier products. Filter/Separator, three-stage unit
Fiber Glass Filter Elements with a greatly increased surface area, giving long element life. Easy to change too - just pull off the old elements and shove on new ones.
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