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Steam Bath Heaters

TMA-Joy's Steam Bath Heaters are similar to the Water Bath Heaters, except only the combustion chamber (firetube) is immersed in the water bath media. The process oil is located above the water level and is enveloped by saturated steam, which transfers the heat to the process oil. Process outlet temperatures to 215F can be obtained with the Steam Bath Heater.

Salt Bath Heaters

TMA-Joy offers a heater that operates at elevated temperatures to 700F. The Salt Bath Heater is filled with eutectic salt that has a melting temperature of approximately 290F. High process outlet temperatures can be attained because the salt does not degrade at elevated temperatures. Salt Bath heater coils can be serpentine or multi-tube as required for high process flow rates and low pressure drops.

HTE (High Thermal Efficiency)

The HTE heater is a forced draft heater that utilizes the products of combustion as the heat transfer medium. The heat generating section and the heat transfer section are separated. Heat is transferred to an expanded surface area (finned tube coil bundle) by forced convection. The combustion gases are circulated from the heating section across the coil section and out the stack. The HTE heater typically delivers 80% gross heating efficiency or 90% net heating efficiency. Flame temperatures are reduced by the recirculated combustion gases eliminating radiant heat transfer. Process outlet temperatures from 800F to 1000F can be obtained with a HTE heater.

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